He Is A Killer | HastyWords #DCfC

Please open your hearts and minds for our ‘Fight With Us | #DCfC‘ guest today, HastyWords.  She is brave enough to open up about her battle with depression and share some of that experience with you here.

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The Things She Says | Lizzi Lewis #DCfC


Join me in welcoming my first guest in the ‘Fight With Us | #DCfC’ series for mental health awareness, Lizzi Lewis.  This courageous piece gives us a rare glimpse into the debilitating mental illness commonly known as anorexia nervosa.

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Fight With Us | #DCfC

Fight With Us | #DCfC

Mental illness is a plague in our society that knows no bounds.  It cannot be ignored.  Pretending it does not exist will not make the diagnoses disappear.  It rages on, inflicting its wrath on hundreds of millions worldwide and does not discriminate against age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or income.  Despite its overwhelming prevalence, there is a significant lack of funding for research.  Treatments and medications are outrageously expensive and those afflicted are often treated as lepers by the rest of society.  There are a plethora of diagnoses categorized as mental illnesses but rather than distinguish between them anyone with a mental illness is often labeled as ‘crazy’.  This is not a new phenomenon and while there have been vast improvements in regard to societal and medical understanding of mental illnesses in the past fifty years, there is a long road ahead paved with ignorance and stigmas.  This must end.  
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Seventeen Years.  

Let that number sink in for a minute.  It may not seem like a huge number when you think about how humans are living to be over 100 years of age these days, but it’s a decent chunk of time, right?  I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder seventeen years ago.  I was sixteen years old.  In the past few weeks I’ve had some serious revelations in my life that were difficult to swallow, but they have given me a healthier perspective.    Continue reading

Almost Inpatient

Inpatient at a psychiatric facility is not a place anybody wants to be.  When you have a debilitating mental illness, such as Major Depressive Disorder, there are times you realize you need to be inpatient at such a facility.   Continue reading


I feel like I’m standing still as life spins and whirls around me at lightning speed. Continue reading