Gasping for breath, I run full speed ahead. These damn trees provide no protection from my pursuers.  Wait, who am I running from?  I don’t dare stop, whoever it is I know they’re going to kill me if they catch me.  My lungs are throbbing begging me to stop, but there is no way I’m stopping now.  I dig my bare feet in a little deeper as I hold my pace. Continue reading



*Trigger Warning*

She waits patiently while the warm water rushes from the faucet into the tub.  Pressing the thick plush fabric against her face she closes her eyes and inhales him, each distinct note of his scent invades her senses and for a moment there is nothing else.  No rushing water, no hiss from the air conditioner and no ground beneath her feet.  Just him, surrounding her, embracing her, breathing life into every crevice of her body. Continue reading