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Shameless Plug / Looking for Love

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Happy Tribus, Friends!

“It all started when Eli Pacheco (the one and only CoachDaddy) made a Facebook comment saying there should be a holiday to celebrate tea, cookies, and blogging.

I said we should make one to celebrate all three.
So we did.”  –Rara

But then it became about more than just tea, cookies and blogging; they decided it should be about any three things, and marked September 26th the day for celebration! Continue reading

If Ra and I Were Having Coffee

If Ra and I met at a coffee shop, it would look something like this… Her beautiful eyes would gaze at me with patient kindness as I shared with her the pain that weighs me down and makes it hard for me to breath.

She would tell me that I am loved, even when I can’t see it or feel it.  She would tell me to keep writing because I’m good at it, even on the days I don’t believe I am.

We would talk about books and writing and goin on adventures.  And after words are exhausted and all coffee consumed, the real adventure would begin.


An honestly honest conversation with a true friend via text.

A:             do you have time to answer a question?

J:             sure whats up

A:    you’ve known me longer than pretty much anyone and you’ve watched like 98% of my friendships fail, you’ve also always been honest with me about shit. I’m trying to understand things about myself, this is one of them… am I a bad friend? honestly. Continue reading


I am aching to belong… to something …or somewhere, with like-minded, like-hearted souls.

People who get it, without tired explanations and long-winded discussions trying to impart understanding. Continue reading